Exclusive Interview with William MOseley, Skandar Keynes

February 3, 2012

The Boys of Narnia: William Moseley and Skandar Keynes Interview

From Girl’s Life: As if you don’t know, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a tale of four sibs who enter an icy, magical world through a closet, in theaters now. The film’s two kings, William Moseley, 18, and Skandar Keynes, 15, phoned us from their homes near London.
What was the most exciting part about being in this film?
Skandar Keynes:
The free food!

William Moseley: The battle scene, definitely. I had to gallop a white Spanish horse across the battlefield toward New Zealand’s white snow-capped mountains. That was wonderful.
Skandar Keynes: At first, I was really bad at riding the horse and wondered why he didn’t listen. But then I gained confidence and did some cool rearing stunts on the horses. Sword fighting was cool too. I had wanted to do sword fighting–I saw it on Star Wars and wanted to do it.
You did this in full suits of armor, right?
Skandar Keynes: Yeah. I kept having to get mine refitted because I grew 6-and-a-half inches in the six to seven months we filmed. I’m now rather taller than most people.
William Moseley: It was kinda difficult to do my schoolwork in the armor. To think now that I was once sitting down, doing my English literature in full armor. You didn’t take it off during tutoring because it took such a long time to put it on and off.
What’s your favorite creature from the film?
William Moseley: The Cyclops. They were amazing. They were quite simple but had independent moving eyes that were so realistic, it was amazing. It was a rubbery plastic sort of thing, with one person in it. A really good mask. I had to battle the Cyclops.
Skandar Keynes: The wolves were really cool. There were about 12 wolves, and they were real. There was one they would let us touch, and I petted it.
Were there any on-set romances?
Skandar Keynes: Will liked the producer’s niece. She was really nice and really cute, which was sort of, “Oooh, tension.” She was told not to come on set for a bit ’cause he was really distracted. They kept saying I had a crush on Tilda [Swinton, who plays the White Witch], and it was really embarrassing. I don’t have a crush on her, but she is really cool.
Do you guys have girlfriends?
William Moseley: I do have someone special, but I’m not going to reveal who it is. We’ve been together for a while.
Skandar Keynes: I recently split up with a girl after about two months. I’m not sad. I’m over it now. It’s cool.
Are you prepared for having female fans flock to you?
William Moseley: I don’t know–it’s really bizarre. I will just take things as they come. I have to take it in my stride and take a few deep breaths and manage it in the most mature way I can. I think that’s probably the best way to deal with it.
Skandar Keynes: This one girl said she saw me in a magazine, and she was asking me all these questions about Will. I told her, “You know, Will has a girlfriend.” She was really disappointed.
Do you have any hidden talents?
William Moseley: I love juggling every now and again. I can juggle sort of anything, really. Anything that needs juggling, I can pretty much get it going. Much to my mother’s objection, I always juggle the fruit in the house. Whenever I see it, I pick it up and juggle it. But I try to be too elaborate or better at it than I am, so I drop it and my mom gets pretty angry with me.
Skandar Keynes: I can do different things with my tongue, like make it go into four parts. And I can crack my neck and my fingers. When I was young, I fell off a swing, so I have a massive bump on my middle finger that looks weird. I can bend my finger all the way back. The first time, it really hurt, but you sort of get used to it.
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