One Direction - More Than This (Up All Night: The Live Tour)

May 14, 2012

Harry Styles fed up with Susan Boyle comparisons

May 7, 2012

Seems like Harry Styles and Susan Boyle have something in common, their hairstyles or lack there of if you ask me.  Harry has been catching flack lately because of his Boyle like hairdo.  You might remember Susan Boyle who rose to fame from Britain’s Got Talent TV show with her unbelievable singing voice.  Harry does not find it funny and according to sources close to the band he is fed up with the whole situation.  I think its time for a hair cut my boy.

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Zayn Malik adds another tattoo while in New Zealand

One Direction is currently on tour in New Zealand and in between stops Zayn Malik decided to hit up a local tattoo shop for some new ink.  Zayn posted a pic of himself on his twitter page alongside his tattoo artist.  No word on what he actually got but its rumored he had a Silver Fern added on his back just below his neck, which is the national symbol of New Zealand.   It was just a few weeks ago Zayn added an inscription to his collar bone.  Hopefully we will get to see the new tattoo once the tattooed area heals.

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One Direction moves into second spot on Social 50 chart just behind Bieber

Justin Bieber better watch his back because five-boys from across the pond are about to take over his no. 1 spot on the Social 50 chart.  One Direction landed in the no. 2 spot this week after a fast climb to the top which they have yet to occupy.  The Social 50 chart ranks artists by popularity from a wide variety of factors including Twitter followers, Facebook friends/likes, YouTube views and weekly song plays.

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MORE THAN THIS -ONE DIRECTION with lyrics (Music Video)


One Direction are a five-member boy band from England, made up of:
Liam Payne (born 29 August 1993), 

Louis Tomlinson (born 24 December 1991), 

Niall Horan (born 13th September 1993), 

Harry Styles, (born 1 February 1994)

Zayn Malik, (born 12 January 1993).

They applied as solo candidates on the 2010 edition of the X Factor, but the judges, after a suggestion by Cowell, put them in a band in London, UK; therefore qualifying for the Groups category.

One Direction's first single, What Makes You Beautiful, received its first airplay on August 10, 2011 and was released a month later on September 11, 2011. 'Na Na Na' was released as a B-side to their debut single.

In November 2011 they released their debut album 'Up All Night'.