100 One Direction Facts Unknown

July 8, 2013

Well, One Direction never die! My post about One Direction is the most popular of all my post. Why? I don't know why, I think this is what we called 'DIRECTIONER POWER'. So I come back to post about them. After One Direction Inspiring Quotes, I'm going to give you some facts about One Direction. So, here they are...


1. Zayn: “My biggest fear is Water. I can’t Swim” Louis: “What about when you drink it, mate?” Lmao

2. Liam was crying when he watch a sad movie with zayn, and zayn hugged him.

3. When Zayn was young, he thought the phone number was how much their phone bill costs.

4. In their 53 minutes and 14 second long album, Niall gets 1:24 minutes woth of solos, Louis 1:29, Harry 
7:18, Liam 7:08 & Zayn 5:38.

5. Louis and Liam have the standard Twitter background, Niall and Harry have pictures of One Direction, Zayn has a picture of.. Zayn.

6. Zayn picked up a little 7 year old girl up and kissed her cheek for a photo.

7. If Zayn pisses Liam off, Liam will give him the silent treatment until Zayn comes to hug him.

8. When Zayn is bored, he google himself. Lol! 

9. Zayn's tattoo says "Be True To Who You Are". 

10. Zayn has a tattoo on his chest which says his Grandfathers name, in Arabic.

11. When Chris Brown followed Zayn, he ran to Niall and Liam then started fanboying 

12. Louis once pushed Zayn off a boat but forgot he couldn't swim, all the boys had to jump in & save him 

13. Zayn likes girls who are naturally beautiful and don't wear too much make up. *What about Perry, Zayn?

14. A fan gave Zayn a book called "Why smoking is bad for you" and Zayn broke down in tears, hugged her and said "I'm so sorry"

15. Zayn doesn't like his lips.

16. Zayn has been writing songs and poems since before he was famous.

17. Zayn had his first girlfriend when he was 8 years old

18. He will never regret that he bought justin bieber tickets for his sister.

19. Zayn lost 13,000 followers because of his new haircut. 

20. Zayn's tries not to smoke around his younger sisters because he doesn't want to be a bad influence.


21. Harry eats both side of twix bars at the same time because he doesn’t want the other one to feel lonely.

22. Niall and Harry wrote Gotta Be You.

23. He used to have a part-time job in a bakery.

24. Before taking part in The X Factor, Harry was the lead singer in the band White Eskimo, formed with some of his school friends.

25. Harry has stated that The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Coldplay and Kings of Leon have been among his musical influences.

26. He supports Manchester United Football Club and he love to meet David Beckham.

27. He is good friends with singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, and Ed has written several songs for One Direction.

28. He loves animals and he once had a pet hamster called Hamster and a dog called Max.

29. He is scared of snakes.

30. He doesn’t like girls who smoke or swear.

31. The name One Direction was Harry’s idea.

32. If he wasn’t a pop star, Harry thinks he’d probably be a physiotherapist.

33. The first thing he notices about a girl is their eyes. He really likes blue eyes.

34. He has stood up to his manager and told him that Niall and Louis don’t get enough solos.

35. He hates it when his bandmates say f*ck .

36. His favourite TV show is Family Guy.

37. He loves playing Fifa.

38. His favourite iPhone app is Texts From Last Night, where people send in texts that people sent them when they’re drunk.

39. He’d spend a Sunday asleep or chilling.

40. He’d rather go to a restaurant than any other place for a date.


41. Liam’s favourite film is the Toy Story trilogy.

42. Liam’s celebrity crush is Leona Lewis and his man crush is stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre?! Nope, us neither!

43. Liam spent his childhood in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, the birthplace of Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant and Slade’s Noddy Holder.

44. Liam once cried while watching Marley & Me. Bless.

45. Liam has a very unusual phobia – SPOONS! He admits it’s “very strange”.

46. Liam has just over seven minutes of solos on One Direction’s debut album ‘Up All Night’, the second most behind Harry.

47. Liam follows more fans than all of his One Direction bandmates do altogether!! As of 10th August 2012 he follows 8,951 people.

48. Liam is an avid fan of boxing. He took up the sport when he was bullied at high school.

49. Due to his kidney problems, Liam doesn’t drink alcohol and has to look after himself. He told Digital Spy: "I have to be careful not to drink too much, even water, and I have to keep myself as healthy as possible." 

50. Liam can play the guitar.

51. Liam loves girls with nice eyes.

52. Liam hates it when girls are too confident. He likes them to be a little bit shy.

53. The one person guaranteed to make Liam smile is Louis. Ahhh! Liam said: “Even if I’m in a situation where I’m mad at him, the person who can make me smile is Louis. Whatever happens he’ll make me laugh about something because he’s that crazy.” 

54. Liam has no plans to go solo in the future. In fact, he reckons it would be “massively boring.”

55. Justin Bieber claims that Liam stole his trademark hairstyle!!

56. If he wasn't in 1D, Liam says he'd like to be a fireman, or a gym teacher. Lol! 

57. Liam's sisters called him Cheesey Head when he was younger because he loved eating cheese crisps. Lol!

58. Liam thinks he's the best dancer in 1D! Haha! Xx

59. Liam's a bit of a wimp when it comes to hot food! :D

60. Liam hates it when Harry steals his food.  


61. Niall dressed up as Po from the Telettubies on Halloween when he was 4

62. Niall: “If Liam is with me, I feel like, I’m a baby or a girl” Liam: “Niall, finish your food” Niall: “See?

63. Niall brought out a girl that had been waiting hours to see a glimpse of the boys a blanket and his hoody because she was cold.

64. Niall’s favourite TV show is “Two and a half men”

65. Niall and Harry wrote Gotta Be You

66. Niall started dying his hair when he was 14

67. Niall’s first pets were two goldfish called Tom and Jerry. Unfortunately they died when Niall’s older brother Greg accidentally overfed them!

68. Niall is left-handed. A variety of studies suggest that approximately one in ten people are left-handed.

69. Niall’s first kiss was with a French exchange student when he was “11 or 12” years old. He admits he was “really nervous” at the time.

70. Niall would date a fan one on condition – she didn’t scream in his face!

71. When fans ask Niall to marry him he always jokingly responds with a “yes.”

72. When he was little, Niall had an imaginary friend called Michael. He’s since tried to deny it in interviews claiming Michael was a real person.

73. Niall doesn’t like it when girls pretend to act dumb. He tweeted: "I hate it when girls act stupid 'cause they think it's cute. Intelligence is sexy."

74. Niall’s favourite Justin Bieber songs are ‘U Smile’ and ‘One Less Lonely Girl’.

75. While in Australia, Niall went to zoo by himself. Aw so cute!\

76. He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter.

77. Niall would like to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

78. His favourite animals are giraffes.

79. He has claustrophobia, which is the fear of small/enclosed spaces.

80. When he was younger, he had a fear of clowns.


81. Louis was Danny Zuko performing in front of his school, but he got excluded for sticking his bum out in front of the head teacher

82. Louis warns his future wife that if it takes him 15-20 daughters to have 1 son, he will

83. Louis - He likes girl who eats Carrots 

84. Weirdly, Louis is a big fan of girls who eat carrots! Maybe it’s because they can see in the dark?!

85. If Louis had a superpower, he would fly.

86. Louis’s favourite band is The Fray. 

87. Louis’s celebrity crush is Natalie Portman and his man crush is Robbie Williams. 

88. When he was younger Louis wanted to work on a farm. 

89. Louis’s pet hate is when people chew their food too loudly. 

90. Louis calls Harry ‘pumpkin’ – an affectionate term in the North of England.

91. Louis likes to remind the boys that he has the biggest biceps on the group.

92. Louis got dressed up as a carrot at an X Factor Live gig in Nottingham in early 2011! Amazeballs!

93. Louis loves to party! He told TOTP Magazine: “To be honest, I’m sure the majority of 20-year-olds go out and party. I’m not going to feel oppressed.”

94. For his girlfriend Eleanor’s 20th birthday, Louis bought her a huge personalised cake! Before it was scoffed, it depicted himself and Eleanor sat on a bench in front of a Disney-like castle. 

95. Louis’s favourite country in France. This summer he had a romantic break in Paris with Eleanor.

96. Louis is an David fan of surfing. In fact, he loves the beach so much he says he’d like to get married on one.

97. It takes over 30 minutes for Louis to get his hair ready in the morning.

98. Louis would never get his nipples pierced. He said: “It would hurt too much. I'm not brave enough!” 

99. Louis also attended The Hayfield School in Doncaster but dropped out when he failed his first year of A-levels.

100. Louis had a number of part-time jobs before The X Factor including working at a local cinema and as a hospitality waiter at Doncaster Rovers Football Club.


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